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Last Updated: March 30, 2019

This product is offered in good faith solely to individuals who are of legal age in their jurisdiction and is believed to be in compliance with existing child protection laws governing online solicitation in that it neither makes reference to, nor solicits purchase of, programs, products, or services relating to (a) alcoholic beverages, (b) tobacco products, (c) pornographic or so-called “adult-related” materials, (d) dating and/or match-making services, (e) pharmaceutical substances including legal or illegal drugs, (f) gambling, (g) so-called “get-rich-quick-without-doing-any-work” schemes, (h) financial services, including but not limited to loans, credit cards, bank accounts, and stock market vehicles, (i) travel related services including car rentals, travel mediums, and accommodations, (j) automobile sales, and (k) any program, product or service that is illegal whether purchased by a minor or adult.


As a member of www.369infiniteresiduals.com you affirm the following:

  • You are of legal age in your jurisdiction and a minimum of eighteen years of age.

  • Neither the email address nor the domain in the email address utilized in ordering this product, nor any email address nor the domain in any email address hereinafter supplied to the secrets of the big dogs home office, is a registered contact point for minors in any state or territory of the United States.

  • A minor (i.e. a person not of legal age and less than eighteen years of age) does not have access to the provided email address.

F102urthermore, as a member of www.369infiniteresiduals.com, you agree that if the provided email address or domain in the email address, or any email address or the domain in any email address hereinafter supplied to www.369infiniteresiduals.com is subsequently registered as a contact point for minors in any state or territory of the united states you will immediately request that home office permanently delete said email address(s) from their records and cease further contact.  Such deletion will take effect when you receive from www.369infiniteresiduals.com confirmation that your request has been received and acted upon.  You agree that, in the absence of your compliance with any of these terms, you will hold the publisher of www.369infiniteresiduals.com harmless from any civil actions, and should you institute such actions, all legal and attorney fees incurred by the publisher of www.369infiniteresiduals.com for such legal actions will be paid in their entirety by you.


Also, you expressly consent to receiving further electronic communications from www.369infiniteresiduals.com including, but not limited to, bulletins, updates, special notices, and messages.  Such communications may, from time to time, include commercial solicitations for programs, products, or services deemed beneficial to purchasers of the www.369infiniteresiduals.com.


Email any correspondence to: everett.infiniteresiduals@gmail.com

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