As stated before, this program was not designed to keep taking money out of the  pockets of our members. Consequently, you will never be asked to invest another dime into our program. So when we come across suggestions, free training or marketing materials that will help you promote and grow your home-business, it will provided to our members—Free of Charge.


Because of your efforts, approximately 80% of all fees collected through your affiliate websites will be recycled back to our members, as commissions, for promoting and marketing our business model. That's why the "One-Time-Fee Structure" you see below was originated.

Our purpose is to ensure that every dollar our members earn goes toward their goal of becoming financially independent. So no matter if you earn $1,000, $10,000 or $100,000--you keep what you earn and you’ll never have to pay another dime to 369 Infinite Residuals for using our system--Ever!!

  We Will Pay Out the Following Commissions for

Your Personal and Tier Level Referrals 

Compensation Video 


The Illustrations Depicted Above and Below are Projections Only

Your Income Level Depends On Your Individual Efforts

As stated before and unlike the majority of the referrals programs that may require additional fees to move-up into a higher earning income bracket—you will never have to pay another dime to this program—ever!!


This system launch meets all the parameters we set forth to help people like yourself join, promote and earn money as one of our affiliates. The potential to earn hundreds if not thousands every month is real--you just have to decide if you want to try a better way. If you are-- join our program, start telling others about us, enroll them in the system and get paid for your efforts. How easy is that??

We’re promoting our 6-Cent Flyers to help spread the word about our program. Everything you need to market and promote your flyers is available for our paid members including over 20 professionally designed flyers, our eBook on how to use the flyers in your business and our branded eBook of solo ads.


There will be some minor expense to print your flyers but you can minimize the cost by printing them with your own printer and build up to using an online or store printing service as your business grows.


Other free methods that won't require you to spend additional money includes: Face-Book, Twitter, Instagram and traditional word-of-mouth advertising.

We’ve also partnered with iDevAffiliate, a 3rd party company that’s been the #1 affiliate tracking software for the past 15 years and counting. The image below is a copy of an iDevAffiliate control panel that each new member will be provided with.

You’ll be able to login and track your statistics 24 hours a day, access the training portal, marketing banners, free affiliate training videos and eBooks plus  give you real-time reports of your sales, links traffic hits, affiliate banners performance and more.....

We've included a number of FREE eBooks that our paid members will be able to download from the training area of this website. The titles of the FREE downloads are listed below and you'll have access to them from the members training area of this website. Download the Word-of-Mouth Marketing eBook just for reviewing our website.

Click The Image

Download this FREE eBook

Topic: Word-of-Mouth Marketing

WOM Cover.png

Let's Summarized What's Included With Your Life-Time Membership


  • Our One-Time, One-Fee Membership 

  • Free Training and Marketing Materials

  • No High-Tech Skills or Software Needed

  • Beginner Friendly--No Experience Required

  • Life-Time Income Potential--No Limitations

  • No Commission Pass-ups to Your Sponsor--"You Keep, What You Earn"

  • Weekly Pay-Outs (Every Tuesday)

In conclusion, remember that this is your business. So you don't have to worry about your hours being cut, being laid-off or dealing with a boss you don't like. You work as much (or as little) as you want and your income is determine by your efforts alone.


The next step is yours. Don’t hesitate, make a decision, stick with it and work the program with the people that join your downline through your website and if we show and help enough people take advantage of this opportunity--the money will take of itself.


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