Hello Infinite Residual members, these flyers were created to help you promote this business model and get this program in the hands of workers that want to earn money—from home, from anywhere in the world.


How to Use:

Once you become a member download, to your desktop, the flyer(s) you want to utilize to help you spread the word about our program.

  • Become a member

  • Print the amount you want to start with (25—50)

  • Fill in your contact information

  • Distribute the flyers out to your prospects


Make sure you inform them to email or text you if they want to learn more about the program and send them the link to your affiliate website in your reply. That’s to ensure that if they join the program—they'll sign up using your website so that you receive the commission when they join our program.


Let’s Summarize The Process To Get You Paid For Handing Out Your Flyers:

  1. Download and print your flyer(s) of choice (Click on the PDF emblem below the flyer image)

  2. Fill in your contact info and distribute your flyers

  3. Include your link in your replies for more info

  4. Get paid when they join the program from your affiliate website


It couldn't get any easier than that!! This system can be used by all workers young and old; the employed, underemployed or unemployed; work at home parents; veterans, seniors and students. My goal is to design and make available several more designs made specifically for all demographics and possible situations so more will become available in the coming weeks and/or months—and to follow up on our promise, FREE for all our 369IR members to use.  

Try It Before You Buy It!! 

Better Than A Money-Back Guarantee!!


  • Download and read "How to Earn a Weekly Check with Flyers".

  • Choose one or more of the PDF formatted Flyers below.

  • Use this Free PDF Editor to fill in your contact information.

  • Save the Flyer to your desktop or USB flash drive.

  • Print a small batch with your home printer, online service or your local printer.

  • Start passing them out to see what type of response you get.

I can’t think of anyone who would turn down an opportunity to earn some easy money—simply by handing out a few flyers. So let the responses you receive decide what you do next.


If you get more than 3 people responding to your marketing efforts--sign-up and join the program first. Then send them to your affiliate link to register into the system from your website, so that you get paid the commission for enrolling the new associate.

If you have any doubt about this working and need a little proof that it can.....why not follow the instructions above and test it for yourself? If it works as designed, this will become one of the best decision you will make in 2019.


That’s our "better than a money-back-guarantee". So download and read How to Earn a Weekly Check with Flyers, choose one or more flyers, fill-in your contact info, print and distribute a small batch to see what happens. As a member of this program, I believe if we just focus on informing and helping others get involve with our program--the money will take care of itself.


Good Luck and May God Bless Whatever You Do




369IR Admin


 Infinite Residuals Marketing Flyers Samples


Side 1 of This Flyer

Side 2 of This Flyer

Print as a 2-Sided Document and Cut in Half


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