Defer Your Payment for 30 Days

No Cash-Down Method of Joining Infinite Residuals

The following suggestions are for those that would like to join and promote the system but may have a difficult time coming up with the funds needed to get started.


First, we realize that this is a mutual problem that we both share and need to solve for this program to be successful. You wouldn’t be looking at this program if you didn’t need the money and we will not to be able to pay commissions to our members unless the initial fee is paid—in full.


The following suggestion is a way for you to self-finance this opportunity and defer your payment for 30 days—because you don’t have the cash-on-hand, to join our program today. This method will allow new members to spread out the cost of the fee over a period of time and give our prospective members at least 30 days to promote and actually earn money before having to pay the required membership fee.

So What's

    The Problem?

How to Self-Finance Your Membership Fee


Keep your cash on hand for more important household expenses and pay your initial fee using a credit (not debit) card. By using this method you’ll still be able to join, promote and earn money with our program immediately while deferring and spreading out the cost of your membership fee for 30 days or more.


If you enroll at least 2-new members into the program during your first 30 days, you will earn $74 or more in commissions--which is enough to pay that credit card bill along with a $5 profit without spending a dime of your own money during the project.

Don’t Have a Credit Card? No Problem!!
Apply and Get Approved in 60 seconds (if Qualified)
By no means are we advocating creating another bill for your household without a means for you to recoup your cost. But if you’re serious about changing your financial future, why not consider applying for a low-balance credit card to get the process started. There are a number of reputable credit card companies that anyone could apply to that would approve your application in 60 seconds or less. The only drawback to this method is that you'll typically have to wait 7-14 days to receive the actual credit card before you can join the program.

As Administrator of this website my responsibility to our current and prospective members is to provide solutions for problems that may arise in our quest to becoming financially independent. I may not have all the answers but I promise to search and give you the best solution that I’m capable of giving and will stay open to anyone who may have better answers to issues that our network brings to our attention.


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