Residual Income & Referral Marketing

Residual earnings  is income a person continues to receive for work they've completed, in the past. A few examples of residual income payees includes authors, actors, song writers and musicians. That means every time someone reads a book, watch a movie or purchase a music CD--the people that created those works will continue to earn money from their efforts now and into the future.

Referral Marketing continues to be one of the most powerful ways for ordinary people to make money from home. This program merges the two systems to create a way for regular people to earn another stream of income for weeks, months and years--into the future. That’s  what we hope this system will be able to create for you, your families and friends.

Start Making Money In "5" Easy Steps:


  • Step 1: Join Infinite Residuals

  • Step 2: Choose 1 of 21 templates available for you to use in your promotion

  • Step 3: Print and distribute your Flyers using the instructions below

  • Step 4: Reply to your inquiries and enroll your prospects into the system

  • Step 5: G E T  P A I D Every Tuesday!!p

The Headline

Our Audience

A Simple Message

**How To Fill In Your Contact Info**

Our PDF formatted Flyers include 3-D

Graphics to help our messages stand out!!

Once you join our program you’ll have access to our marketing materials, a affiliate website, a real-time dashboard to track your commissions and all the training materials you'll need to be successful.

Members get paid to show others how to earn money handing out our simple 6-cents flyers---and that’s it people, nothing complicated and easy enough for anyone to do.

That’s our program in a nutshell, folks. We believe this is a truly unique and inexpensive way for everyday working people to finally start earning money, consistently, online and yes…..

It Is, as Simple, as That. So Why Not.....



Your success with this program depends on your efforts and if you work as hard for yourself, as you do for your current employers--you will make money. In addition, with this life-time membership, you'll always have access to this platform and another way to earn money--no matter what you may need it for!!

So Here's What You'll Have Access To As An 369IR Member

  • 20+ Professionally designed flyers—see a few of the designs available here

  • A step by step guide on the best way to market and distribute your flyers

  • An affiliate website to point your prospect to when they’re ready to sign-up

  • Your personal dashboard to track your commissions—in real time

  • Lifetime Membership Status

  • Weekly (un-taxed) commission pay

  • Training, support and so much more

This is the type of opportunity that most people that are working two or more jobs is desperately searching for. A way to earn some extra money with sacrificing the time they spend with their family and friends.


You can post or distribute these flyers while shopping, at your favorite hair saloon, on a college campus or family gatherings—the possibilities are endless. The only thing you’ll have to do is send your website link to the people that are interested—if they sign up, you get paid!!

Can You Think of an Easier Way to Make Some Extra Cash?

Question: Would the people you know be interested in a simple program like this?    If so—why not be the first of your circle of family and friends to promote our system?  Share the info with those that are willing to take a chance on themselves and GET PAID. Click the image below and GET STARTED NOW!!


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